Design. Build. Install.

Choosing the right air compressor as important as choosing who will install it.

Through thoughtful and experienced design, Compressor Services builds highly efficient and sustainable compressed air systems proven to maximize ROI. We specialize in commercial air compressor installation and system design that optimizes performance and meets your facility's unique needs.


Overhead view of industrial air compressor installation project

Expert Compressor Installation

Our air system architects will seamlessly integrate your new equipment into the existing system, reducing downtime and helping your business make more informed decisions for your facility. We provide the highest level of service and communication throughout and are capable of handling any size project, from the most demanding Class Zero oil-free compressor installation to the most common small application air compressor installation.

From the moment your compressed air equipment is installed, you can count on us to answer any questions or provide preventative maintenance in the future.

Contact us today for more information for air compressor installation or system design for your facility.