Power & Precision

BOGE is a family-run business headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, with over 112 years of technological and mechanical innovation driving the brand.

BOGE’s expansive and rugged award-winning product line was built for the most demanding environments. German engineering and high-quality craftsmanship define these machines.  Their diverse selection of compressed air solutions can precisely meet any demand in any application and exceed every expectation.

Compressor Services is proud to be partnered with BOGE to deliver sustainable and energy efficient compressed air systems in northern Illinois and Wisconsin. Contact us today for a free quote.



BOGE Products


Air Compressors

BOGE’s extensive line of screw compressors, piston compressors and scroll compressors have earned a reputation for being the most reliable and durable in their class.

BOGE air compressors are ultra-quiet and extremely easy to maintain. Whether you need oil-lubricated or oil-free,  oil injection cooled or oil-free compression, there is a BOGE compressor to meet your needs.






Refrigerant Dryers

Forward-thinking, cost-effective compressed air drying.

BOGE refrigerant air dyers are the most economical way to dry compressed air. With up to 180 m³/min and low losses in pressure resulting in an energy savings of six percent for every bar of pressure, there is no question that BOGE dryers are essential to maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.







Oil-Water Separators

Innovative design that delivers five-star performance.

BOGE oil-water separators use multiple filter stages to achieve incredible results. These DIBT approved separators are reliable and proven, with simple maintenance and two indicator displays. BOGE is simply the best.