According to the Department of Energy, air compressors consume as much as 10% of all electricity generated in the U.S., and as much of 50% of this is waste. In addition, a leak in your compressed air system could waste as much as 20-30% of your compressor’s output.

The only way to truly understand how much energy your facility is wasting is through an accurate energy audit.

Our experienced technicians provide audits designed to maximize system performance as well as protect your investment over time. We identify inefficiencies, inspect the condition of the equipment, monitor pressurization, and observe operating levels. All of this is done to improve efficiency and extend the lifetime of your equipment, while helping you to improve ROI.

You can focus on your core business services and have complete faith that your air compressor will be working at 100 percent when you need it. Our technicians will get to know your system, while understanding your facility’s compressed air needs.

Regular compressed air audits allow you to pinpoint and fix issues early, before they result in expensive emergency repairs or downtime. We can inspect and clean any equipment on a regular schedule to ensure that your system remains in optimal condition.