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Air Compressor Rental

When your business isn’t operational, you lose money.

With the option to rent air compressors from Compressor Services, you never have to experience downtime again. Next time your air compressor fails, or you are undergoing emergency repairs, air compressor rental is a viable and affordable option. We understand the importance of productivity, and the chaos to your bottom line that unforeseen repairs can present. Our facility in Johnsburg, Illinois has a large inventory of rotary screw and reciprocating compressors available at a moment’s notice.

As an authorized distributor of Champion Pneumatic and Chicago Pneumatic compressed air products, we always have a large inventory of rental compressors to meet your needs on-site, ready to be delivered.  

Quick Quality Replacements

Compressor Services has the air compressor rental to meet your needs right now. Don’t wait months for the manufacturer to get their act together. We can get you back online quick with any number of machines from manufacturers like Champion, Hertz, and Atlas Copco.

Minimize downtime during unexpected failures

Maintain production levels during routine maintenance and outages

Meet seasonal demands in production

Access to equipment the business cannot purchase outright

Rentals & Repairs Under One Roof

When it comes to your air compressor, uniformity in service can be a tremendous advantage. When the same expert technicians repairing a down system are providing your rental, your business will benefit.

Our technicians understand your business needs and your facility. They understand the capabilities of your permanent system. This puts them in a prime position to place the rental system for optimized results, until you gain full use of your permanent system.

Compressor Services will streamline and coordinate the repair or replacement process with an affordable, high-performance rental to maintain productivity and profitability. 

Discover Your Air Compressor Rental Options

Your entire operation may revolve around the dependability of your air compressor system. You need a reliable solution if the worst case scenario happens, and you need an emergency repair or replacement. That doesn’t have to cost you additional expense associated with downtime.

Discover a powerful option for keeping your production running. You can have a rental air compressor in your facility with minimal disruption to your business. Contact us today!