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Plastics is a $739-billion-dollar industry powered by compressed air.

From toys and electronics to water bottles and chairs, there are dozens of everyday products made from plastic. In fact, global plastic production has increased significantly the past several decades. In order to manufacture these products, plastics facilities rely on compressed air systems that are built to meet their unique needs. Finding the system that fits your needs is no small task.

The right industrial air compressor can make the process of blow molding and extrusion efficient and quick. In addition, preventative maintenance and advanced monitoring systems maintain optimal operation 24/7. At Compressor Services, we take a holistic look at the compressor system – and help you design yours for maximum production and output. We sell high-quality compressors and accessories to make sure that you have a dependable solution that you can trust for years to come.

Contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation to discuss your facility’s unique needs and we’ll find the right solutions for you. We can help you maintain an industry-leading facility capable of meeting your demand needs.

Air Compressors for the Plastics Industry