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Compressed Air Treatment Solutions

Pneumatech is an ISO 90o1:2008 and ISO 14000 certified manufacturer that delivers high-quality compressed air and gas treatment solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. They offer a full line of ultra-efficient air dryers, generators, purifiers and condensate management accessories that are easy to install, configure, and maintain.      


A Commitment to Innovation

Since 1966, Pneumatech has engineered products and systems that reduce energy costs, maximize productivity,  and protect your bottom line. They understand your industry’s unique environmental and regulatory concerns, and design solutions around them. 

When the world needed a full load energy-saving device for heated purge dryers, Pneumatech invented Pulse Purge Regeneration (PPR). When it needed a way to indirectly heat wet absorbent, they pioneered external heat regenerative dryers. They are truly committed to innovation.  

Refrigerated Dryers

Get the best in moisture removal and corrosion prevention. 

Pneuamtech’s high-performance, environmentally-friendly refrigerated air dryers help maximize energy efficiency and system dependability for all types of industrial applications. Whether it’s their COOL Series non-cycling refrigerated dryers, high temperature dryers, or variable speed cycling dryers, moisture doesn’t stand a chance.

Desiccant Dryers

For superior performance and dependability, the PB and PHC Series desiccant dryers can’t be beat. 

Pneumatech’s innovative and ultra-efficient blower purge dryers deliver powerful drying capabilities that are simply unparalleled. This helps conserve compressed air, lower energy costs, and extend desiccant life.   

Gas Generators

On-site nitrogen generators and oxygen gas generators reduce operational costs by eliminating costly rental and transportation expenses. Installing a gas generator often provides return on investment in less than two years. 

Pneumatech’s gas generators are easy to install, easy to maintain, and require little energy to run. They also come equipped with a Purelogic controller for ultimate control and monitoring. They are easy to integrate into existing systems and deliver the purity required for each unique application.

Condensate Management

From moisture and oil-water separators to air-cooled aftercoolers and no air loss drains, Pneumatech makes condensate management easy and effective. With patented OWS technology, the ECOBOX cleaning solution,  and three types of drains to meet your needs, there is no condensate or particulate that stands a chance.