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ComEd Compressed Air Energy Incentives

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Huge Incentives

Get big bucks to upgrade your air compressor, repair air leaks, and/or install high-efficiency drains, nozzles, and dryers. 

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If your peak demand is <400kW, you qualify!

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More Incentives

Qualify for even bigger rebates by submitting to a comprehensive energy audit to uncover more ways to save. 

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ComEd Small Business Program

The ComEd Small Business Program delivers massive incentives for smart improvements to your compressed air system. Upgrade to a variable speed drive (VSD) compressor and get $400 per HP. Get $600 to install a Zero-Loss Condensate Drain. Cash in on huge rebates for added storage, or high-efficiency nozzles.

Compressor Services is an authorized service provider for the ComEd Small Business Energy program.  

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ComEd Fix-It-Now Program

Aimed at improving efficiency of industrial compressed air systems, the ComEd Fix-It-Now program pays up to $120 for each air leak detected and repaired.

If your facility runs a compressed air system of 25 HP or larger, and 50% of the leaks identified are repaired, you’ll qualify for huge incentives that make investing in your system a no-brainer.  

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We’ve helped our customers achieve over $1,000,000 in savings with the ComEd Energy Efficiency program.

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