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Achieve Peak Efficiency and ROI with the ComEd Compressed Air Energy Savings Program

When you’re running a business or a large organization, every dollar counts – and compressed air energy savings can make a significant difference in the bottom line. One of the nation’s largest energy providers offers an energy savings program for qualifying organizations.

The program essentially pays businesses to make low-cost improvements with long-term benefits to boost productivity at your facility. Some of the long-term benefits include:

  • Rebates that range from $1,000 to $100,000
  • Additional strategies to maximize efficiency and ROI
  • More ways to save energy and reduce waste

Rebate Program Helps, No Matter Your Reason for Using Compressed Air

Whether you are running air tools for your auto repair shop, or you require compressed air as part of a large commercial or industrial process, this program can help your organization save significant amounts of money.

The program provides access to several cost-saving strategies, technical expertise, and incentives to improve your compressed air efficiency. Below are some statistics from the Compressed Air and Gas Institute that showcase the true cost of running a compressed air system for your business.

  • Estimates indicate that poorly designed and maintained compressed air systems in the US account for up to $3.2 billion in wasted utility payments.
  • A single 1/4 -inch leak in a compressed air line can cost a facility between $2,500 and $8,000 annually.
  • The cost to run a 200-horsepower compressor 24 hours a day at 3 cents per kWh would be $41,273.

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Compressed Air?

A compressed air system is a significant expense for your business. There’s the initial cost of the system, and the monthly cost of running it. When it comes to utilities, people tend to think of water, electricity, and natural gas – but compressed air is often referred to as a manufacturer’s fourth utility. Whether you are looking to reduce your energy costs, your carbon footprint, or both, it helps to audit your compressed air usage.

The ComEd Compressed Air Energy Savings Program can help you to make the necessary changes to reduce energy usage and waste. You’ll receive financial incentives for things like:

  • Identifying and repair leaks
  • Upgrading to a variable speed drive compressor
  • Minimizing pressure loss
  • Upgrading to energy efficient components

Make Your Compressed Air Usage More Efficient

If you’re running a compressed air system, it pays to make sure that you’re doing it efficiently. A compressed air savings program, such as ComEd’s, can save you a significant amount of money with rebates and access to expert knowledge. If you’d like to find more ways to increase your system’s efficiency, contact us today!

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