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Gas shortages, delays, and price increases have become a regular occurrence over the last few years and in many cases, alternatives can be tough to find. On-site nitrogen generation may be an alternative for your nitrogen supply, however.

Choosing the right nitrogen supply company is an important decision for any business. Nitrogen generation works as an efficient and easy solution for ensuring that your supply is continuous, no matter your industry.

Why You Should Consider On-Site Nitrogen Generation

The All-Around Reductions – There is less need for storage space, less downtime, reduced labor costs, fewer safety risks, and reduced waste. This can all be realized by simply producing your own N2 on-site.

It’s Safer – The traditional, large nitrogen tanks pose a safety hazard. If the valve separates, it becomes an enormously heavy projectile that can cause significant damage. On-site nitrogen generation is completed with a stationary holding tank, that greatly reduces that safety risk.

The Purity Factor – Normal, tanked nitrogen is 99.9 percent pure, but not all applications require that level. If yours doesn’t, you’re likely paying too much for it. The nitrogen you generate in-house is exactly the same purity level at a similar purity level without the same cost.

Environmental Friendliness – When you produce your own N2, there are benefits to the environment at the same time. There is a decrease in CO2 emissions for example, since you won’t need tanker deliveries. There is also no burned energy in the conversion of nitrogen gas to liquid.

Additional Savings – Nitrogen cylinders traditionally come with a high rental fee. The unused nitrogen inside the tanks, hazardous material fees, delivery charges, and exorbitant gas prices all add up to money out of your pocket. All of this can be remedied with on-site nitrogen generation.

Compressor Services Can Help With Your Nitrogen Generation Needs

On-site nitrogen generation can be a way for your business to save some money and experience some real benefits. To find out more about how to make this happen, contact us today!

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