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We use plastics everywhere in daily life – from food wrappers to phone cases, and everywhere in between. The plastics industry is a $380 billion a year industry in the U.S, and all of it revolves around choosing the best air compressor for plastics manufacturing.

An air compressor is a significant investment, and you’ll want to make sure that you choose a machine that you can continue to rely on. They play an important role in plastics production. Below are some of the common plastics applications for air compressors:

  • Molding – The inflation of plastic into the required shape
  • Injection – Filling the mold with molten plastic
  • Extrusion – Creating shape with molten plastic
  • Production materials
  • A power source for pneumatic tools
  • The cleaning process

These Factors Will Help You Select The Right Air Compressor For Plastics Manufacturing


Downtime equals money lost. A quality and reliable air compressor lets you rest easy, knowing that you can keep your operations up and running to maximize earnings.

Air compression for tools is a reliable method in harsh working environments. Warehouses can get dusty and dirty, with particles that make it difficult for tools to operate. They experience drastic temperature swings. This is where air compression works well.

A pneumatic air compressor can help you to ensure that operations run smoothly without interruption.

The Ability To Dial In Your Power Output

In plastics, you’ll need consistent power delivery to ensure the quality of product that you’re used to producing. In other words, power fluctuations negatively impact the product. When shopping for an air compressor, make sure that you consider one that allows you to set the output to fit your needs.

This allows you to remain energy efficient while improving the quality of your product. A win-win.

Look For Energy Efficiency

An air compressor is a significant investment in any business, and the cost of ownership can be high. The energy costs are significant, so it’s important that you find a machine that is energy efficient. An inefficient air compressor will end up expending more energy than necessary to complete the job, costing you additional money.

High Analytics Capabilities

Access to important operations data can help you to streamline the plastics manufacturing process. This can help you to determine any potential areas for improvement, and how to evenly distribute energy and resources.

If your operations were to go down, quick access to information could make it a smoother experience.

Advantageous For Employees

Compressed tools are easier for employees to use, and they are safer. They don’t need to continuously be recharged. Manufacturing processes don’t have as many electrical issues, so they become safer as well.

Finding An Air Compressor Best Suited To The Plastics Industry

Compressed air is used in a variety of industries, including plastics. The plastics manufacturing process contains operations such as blow molding and extrusion, that can only be performed with compressed air. Many of the applications are best performed by compressed air.

Make sure that you choose a pneumatic compressor that will help you streamline operations and remain durable into the future. A high-quality compressor with quality analytics can make all the difference in streamlining operations. It also helps to find an experienced compressor sales and service company to answer your questions.

If you have questions, or would like to talk further about your operations, contact us today!

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