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Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) air compressor parts can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your machine is being run in accordance with your manufacturer’s warranty requirements. While generally more expensive and sometimes harder to find, the advantages can be worth it.

Below are some reasons OEM parts are still worth it, and a wise investment for your air compressor.

They Keep Your Compressor In Reliable Working Order

While OEM parts are more of an investment, they are made to be an exact replacement for the original parts. Using them gives you a stronger chance at extending the life of your air compressor. Most businesses can’t afford air compressor down time. Using OEM parts is a great choice for reliability.

Keep Your Compressor Under Warranty

Your warranty coverage can be invalidated if you’ve used anything other than OEM parts. So if the unexpected happens, you’ll be in a better position if you’ve used OEM parts.

OEM Parts Offer Higher Quality

The performance of your air compressor will not take a dip with OEM because the parts are manufactured to work the same way the original part did. You’ll know what you’re getting and what you can expect. With aftermarket parts, there is always the chance that something will not last as long.

They’re Available

Many parts suppliers carry factory direct OEM parts. However, they can be backordered or take weeks, even months to arrive from the manufacturer. If they’re not immediately available and you’re not willing to sacrifice your compressor’s warranty with aftermarket parts, contact our sales department to track them down.

Compressor Services For OEM Parts

OEM parts will always be the best choice for the health and longevity of your air compressor. If you are able to follow the regular maintenance schedule and use OEM parts for replacement, you’ll get more life – and more warranty coverage – out of your compressor.

As an authorized distributor of Champion Pneumatic and Chicago Pneumatic compressed air equipment, we have OEM parts on-hand at all times for these makes and models. In addition, we carry hundreds of thousands of air compressor parts for other machines as well. At Compressor Services, we offer OEM parts to help you get more life out of your air compressor! Contact us today.

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