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Your air compressor is a significant investment for your business. It is a strong and durable machine with the capability of running 24/7. While it can handle tough jobs and workloads, parts break down, and need to be repaired or replaced. This can happen at inopportune times that could end up costing your business money.

With this in mind, manufacturers often recommend shutting off equipment when it’s not in use. Below is the proper shut down procedure for a compressed air system.

Proper Shut Down Procedure For A Compressed Air System

  • Wait until the compressor is at full operating pressure to close the service valve on the downstream side of the receiver.
  • This is when you can shut the compressor down.
  • If there is a service valve between the receiver and the compressor, it can be closed.
  • Drain the furthest drip leg until the water is purged. Close the valve. Work your way to the first filter draining each leg.
  • Manually drain the in-line filters. If there is a solenoid drain, remove the power to it.
  • Any traps to refrigerated dryers should be drained. The inlet and outlet valves on a dual tower desiccant dryer should be drained.
  • The dryer needs to be deenergized.
  • The receiver needs to be drained.
  • After all the drains and drip legs have been drained, you can depressurize the system.
  • The compressor needs to be de-energized.
  • The after-cooler trap needs to be drained.
  • The compressor needs to be cooled to an ambient temperature. This could take up to an hour for larger compressors.
  • Once the compressor has completely cooled, make sure the oil is foam free.
  • It’s time to drain any compressed water from the sump. This can be done by opening the drain valve until only oil is draining.
  • If the shutdown will be longer term (more than a month) you can suspend moisture absorbing media in the sump tank. This reduces internal oxidation.

Shut Down Procedures Done Right

Even something as straight forward as the proper shut down procedure for a compressed air system can have a long process attached to it.

At Compressor Services, we have the experienced technicians to be able to help diagnose or fix nearly any compressor problem. If anything goes wrong in the shut down or for any other reason, we offer the services to be able to help. With preventative maintenance and proper care, you should be able to keep your compressor in working order for a long time.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your machine, contact us today!

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