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When To Add An Air Dryer To Your Compressed Air System

An air dryer for your compressed air system is a critical investment for one simple reason: it removes lingering moisture that could damage both your system and equipment. 

Moisture is the enemy of metal and machinery. When water penetrates your air compressor, it can cause rusted metal and mold along the interior of your tools and system. This is an especially unwelcome development for those in the healthcare and food industries, where end-of-line contamination can cripple business. 

Moisture causes air compressor damage, especially to the air motors and valves. While you may view an air dryer as an added expense, it’s important to remember that the cost associated with product contamination, or loss of production would be more expensive. 

What Type of Air Dryer Do You Need? 

Air dryers help you avoid the adverse consequences of moisture within your air compressor system. The type of dryer that you select largely depends on your geographic location and how you use compressed air. 

Let’s take a quick look at the types of air dryers available:

Desiccant Dryers – These dryers use materials such as silica gel activated alumina or other sieves to remove the moisture from the air. This approach is favorable for industrial companies, and in places where the lines run the risk of freezing. 

Refrigerated Dryers – These dryers use a refrigerant to chill compressed air, and then remove the moisture before reheating the air. All this happens before the air enters the piping for its application. Particulate filtration removes dirt, rust, or any other contaminants before it reaches its destination. 

Selecting The Right Dryer For Your Application

Air dryers were developed to reduce your exposure to the adverse impacts of moisture within compressed air and its application. Prolonged exposure to the impacts of moisture will shorten the life of your equipment while increasing the risk of contamination. 

An experienced professional from Compressor Services’ sales team can help you to select the dryer that is right for your business and help you to protect your equipment for the long run.

Clean, dry air is an important investment that will keep your system running for a long time. Contact us today if you need help finding the compressed air dryer for your specific application.

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