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If you’re considering an upgrade to a variable-speed air compressor, it helps to understand how they differ from a fixed-speed compressor. As the name suggests, they’re a practical solution for any business with a fluctuating demand for compressed air.

When A Variable Speed Air Compressor Makes Sense

A traditional fixed-speed air compressor is always either on or off, meaning it operates at full capacity or not at all. If you have an application that doesn’t require full capacity, you could be burning excess energy. When the air output can be matched with the output needed, it can provide significant energy savings.

Variable speed may make sense in industries or facilities that use their air compressor for different processes or within different shifts as compressed air demand may increase or decrease throughout the day.

The Advantages Of A Variable Speed Compressor

There are certain advantages to a variable speed compressor that may make sense for specific applications.

  • An energy savings because it only works as needed.
  • There is no time lost to idling.
  • The air pressure is consistent and lower, resulting in lower leakage.

A Variable Speed Drive Isn’t for Every Application

Some industrial applications may require consistent air output. In these circumstances, a properly sized fixed-speed compressor can provide what’s needed. A fixed-speed compressor that provides a free air delivery flow rate within 5 to 10 percent of the demand can provide higher efficiency than a variable drive compressor.

A variable speed compressor isn’t meant to operate continuously at full speed, and doing so would be operating at a lower energy efficiency than its fixed rate counterpart.

Determining When A Variable Speed Compressor Makes Sense

A professional air audit is the best way to determine if a variable-speed air compressor may better suit your application. Compressor Services can provide the needed audit and help you find the right variable speed compressor for your business.

If you have questions or would like to speak with us about your business’s needs, contact us today!

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