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In industries that seemingly don’t have much in common, there is one common thread: the need for an air compressor for industrial use. These applications of compressed air can vary greatly, but it is a vital part of each of their production and ability to function.

Below is a list of the top 5 industries where compressor use is the most important.

5 Top Applications of Compressed Air

Automotive – From automotive painting to impact wrenches, air compressors power the ability to manufacture and care for our vehicles. They’re even a driving force behind the assembly line robots that play a significant role in production.

Compressors have played an increasingly vital role in the industry over the last century. Air compressors for the automotive industry require a high level of performance.

Food and Beverage – The food and beverage industries require top-quality clean compressed air to perform a variety of functions in production. This means the usage of some of the most technologically advanced systems.

Because of the risk of contamination, the food and beverage industry relies on oil free air compressors with high-end ratings. Air compressors for the food and beverage industry require Class Zero safety ratings – the cleanest running on the market.

Manufacturing – Manufacturers vary greatly in their needs and each require the flexibility to perform their job right. Rugged and reliable air compressors are a vital part of meeting these needs. This is one of the most important compressors for industrial uses.

Air compressors for the manufacturing industry must remain high in productivity and low in downtime. Quality parts such as dryers and piping systems play a significant role in the production line as well.

Plastics – Much of the consumable world is made with plastic, and that plastic production requires compressed air usage. These plastic manufacturers have a wide variety of needs, and rely on compressor industry experts to help them build a system suited to them.

Compressors help make the job of plastic production more efficient. Air compressors for the plastic industry need to be durable, reliable, and suited to the company’s individual needs.

Pharmaceutical – Like the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry relies on clean, contaminant-free compressed air to manufacture their product. Clean, oil-free air compressors become a necessary tool in meeting strict Food and Drug Administration standards for drug production.

Pills, tablets, and even lotions require the usage of the cleanest compressed air possible in their production. Many times these are Class Zero applications that require the most reliable equipment and processes in place. In fact, a large part of the $490 billion dollar U.S. healthcare industry relies on contaminant-free air compressors for the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture and package their goods.

More Applications of Compressed Air

There is no question that compressed air powers the world around us. It is used in a variety of applications that we don’t always consider, from roller coasters to paintball guns. It’s also the common thread in a variety of industries that seemingly have little in common. However, Compressor Services can help them all.

Rugged and durable air compressors are vital in the automotive, manufacturing, and plastics industries. Clean, contaminant-free compressed air is vital in food and beverage, as well as pharmaceuticals. Each individual business is going to have their own unique needs within their industry that will drive the type of compressor for industrial use that they use.

At Compressor Services, our team of experienced technicians can help you find the products that are right for your business. Do you have questions about your next air compressor purchase? Contact us today!

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