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Refrigerated air dryers help solve the problem of moisture within your air compressor system, where it can harm the equipment and cost you money in downtime and repairs. The dew points that a refrigerated air dryer produces are adequate for most applications. This can be extremely helpful when it is properly installed and maintained.

It’s important to choose a quality air dryer for your compressed air system. Below we have the ultimate refrigerated air dryer checklist to ensure that you care for it properly so that you can continue to receive the benefits associated with a properly running air compressor.

Refrigerated Air Dryer Checklist

Before carrying out preventive maintenance on the air dryer it’s important to inform anyone that might want to use the machine and make sure that no one uses it while it’s under inspection. You’ll want to ensure that the electrical supply is shut off and that the display status board is switched to “under preventative maintenance.”

For proper care follow this refrigerated air dryer maintenance checklist:

  • Inspect all electric terminals of the main supply and the machine panel.
  • Inspect all pre-line filters and make sure they are clean.
  • Check the gas pressure on the refrigeration unit at the pressure gauge. You’ll also need to make sure the pressure gauge is calibrated and working to ensure its accuracy.
  • Use a soap solution to check for gas leaks in the condenser coils and pipes. If there is a leak that will need to be fixed.
  • Make sure the solenoid valve works for proper draining of the condensed water.
  • Blow out the condenser coils.
  • Inspect the exhaust fan and motor to make sure they’re properly working.
  • Make sure the temperature control is working properly.
  • Run the machine in auto/manual and check for any noises that shouldn’t be there.

After the completion of the refrigerated air dryer maintenance checklist, you can update the status label of the machine.

The Refrigerated Air Dryer Maintenance Experts

Your air dryer is a significant investment in your business. Choosing an experienced service company that understands how to care for your equipment is critical to maximizing efficiency and extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Properly maintaining your refrigerated air dryer and the rest of your air compressor equipment can be complex and time consuming. If you’re looking to save time and ensure that your equipment receives professional care, contact Compressor Services today!

At Compressor Services we sell high-quality compressed air equipment including refrigerated air dryers and provide preventative maintenance services.

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