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The Importance Of Choosing A Quality Compressed Air Dryer

When air is compressed, water concentration within the air increases, making a quality compressed air dryer a necessity. This moisture is unavoidable in the compression process. It does need to be removed in order to protect the other components of your air compressor, and the machinery that depends on compressed air to run.  

A compressed air dryer removes excess moisture from the air, protecting your equipment, and your business.  

It Starts With The Pressure Dewpoint

The pressure dewpoint is a critical number for the operation of your air compressor and will dictate the type, and strength of the dryer you will need.

The pressure dewpoint is the temperature when water vapor turns into water. A low number here would indicate a lower level of moisture for your air. Compressors have a limit to the amount of moisture they can allow before it impacts the components and machinery, which is why this number is so important. 

The dryer you select will be based on the requirements for your air compressor. An air compressor that requires a lower dewpoint for operation will necessitate a larger investment on your part for proper dryer equipment.  

There are multiple ways to dry compressed air. Some common ways include:  

  • Over Compression  
  • Aftercoolers 
  • Refrigerant dryers  
  • Membrane dryers 
  • Absorption and adsorption drying

Finding The Compressed Air Dryer For Your Needs

There may be a certain type of dryer that works best with your compressor, or for your common uses. It’s important to use a dryer that is within the specifications for your compressed air system, in order to make sure that the pressure dewpoint remains within operational levels.  

The right dryer is critical for maintaining a high air quality. One compressor may operate better with a high temperature dryer, while another may work best with a refrigerant air dryer, for example. This is why we offer several dryers from several trusted manufacturers, including:  




Finding the right compressed air dryer largely depends on the moisture tolerance of your specific compressor, and the machines that utilize compressed air. For example, many manufacturing plants could likely get by with a refrigerant dryer, while pneumatic tool users may require a desiccant dryer.  

While moisture is unavoidable, the damage to machinery, air motors, valves and other components can be eliminated with the proper care.  

Do You Need Better Air Quality?

While pressure dewpoint is the biggest factor for the type of dryer you choose, there may be a need for a higher air quality. A desiccant dryer can supply you with a high quality compressed air. These dryers typically come in a twin tower design, drying the air and working to improve the quality. 

A refrigerated dryer can help if the pressure dewpoint remains the only concern. They are cost effective, and come in different styles depending on your needs.  

Selecting the right compressed air dryer can extend the lifetime of your equipment, and keep you from experiencing costly shutdowns. If you have further questions, contact us today! 

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