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Preventive Maintenance: The Proactive Approach to An Efficient Compressed Air System

While your business can certainly take actions on your own that improve the efficiency of your compressed air system, there is no substitution for preventative maintenance.

Like any other major machine or appliance, your compressed air system requires the regularly-scheduled attention of trained professionals in order to make sure that it continues to run efficiently. You bring your car into a trained mechanic to change the oil and check the engine. The mechanic is best-suited to keep the car running and in working order. Likewise, the experienced, trained technicians who work on your
compressed air system can help you keep it in excellent working order.

Types of Preventative Maintenance for Your Compressed Air System

The type of preventative maintenance that’s best for your company will depend on the compressed air system that you utilize, and the types of applications it is used for. An annual preventative maintenance appointment may be enough for a low-intensity usage.

Higher-intensity applications may require a custom preventative maintenance plan more tailored to your custom situation. The cost of preventative work can be weighed against the potential cost of operational failure, so that you have an idea what is at stake.

The manufacturer often determines a recommended maintenance schedule to make sure that all components of a compressed air system remain in efficient working order. Inspection, maintenance, and service schedules should be followed to ensure the health of your compressed air system. The U.S. Department of Energy also lists strategies for seeking regular maintenance.

When maintenance is neglected individual components of the air compressor system may wear down faster, and lose the ability to perform to their full capability. Filters can back up, causing additional strain on the system.

Below are some of the usage aspects that can be impacted by a lack of preventative maintenance:

  • Power Consumption
  • Pressure
  • Air Flow
  • Temperature

Regular checkups can save time, reduce costs, and improve your overall efficiency. The benefits far outweigh the costs involved. The input from an expert technician can have a lasting impact on your investment.

Use OEM Parts and Equipment

Keeping your compressed air system operational certainly requires an investment on your behalf. When an individual part needs to be replaced, there may be a temptation to go with more affordable replacements. This strategy may make sense at the moment but can be a long-term detriment to the system.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts were designed to meet the exact specifications for the system you use. These are parts that will also meet all warranty requirements. OEM parts may some(mes carry a higher initial cost, but they were manufactured to be an exact replacement for the original equipment.

The initial savings from generic parts may be tempting, but consider the long-term ramifications of the decision. Air compressor downtime could potentially be devastating to your business. A higher up-front cost for replacement parts can keep your compressor operational for the long-haul.

These are critical maintenance decisions that will have an impact on the long-term health of your air compressor system.

Preventative Maintenance Can Receive a Boost Through Real-Time Monitoring

Innovative monitoring technologies improve monitoring capabilities on a real-time basis. You don’t need to wait until the air compressor’s output dips, or other signs of trouble emerge, to know that something is wrong. The built-in sensors and IoT technology used in these monitoring systems can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an you will receive alerts if there are irregularities detected.

Like any other significant investment, it’s important that you take good care of your air compressor system with preventative maintenance. This way you will continue to see the benefits of its maximum output levels. When you have a professional technician examining your compressor on a regular basis, you can trust that it will continue to work at maximum levels.

Reactive maintenance costs can skyrocket if there are major repairs that need to be made, stemming from a neglect in upkeep. You can make sure that your air compressor never gets to that point.

Are you looking for experienced technicians who can help you continue to get the most out of your air compressor through regular preventative maintenance? Contact us today!

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