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The Best Oil-Free Air Compressors for Breweries

When it comes to making quality beer, air compressors for breweries are an important asset. Breweries spend a significant amount of time making sure every detail is right in the brewing and production process. That means using a quality air compressor in the bottling process.

There are more than 6,000 breweries in the U.S alone – most falling into the microbrew category. An understanding of each step that goes into producing a bottle of beer can help to differentiate you from the competition.

One common craft brewery mistake is the use of a standard oil-lubed piston air compressor. The air is often sent through a keg washer or packaging line without filtering the air. You run the risk of damaging equipment and contaminating your finished product with oil. All of this leads to a diminished quality to your beer.

While these oil-lubed compressors are acceptable in the automotive or manufacturing industries, they present problems for food and beverage and medical industries. While filters can reduce the risk of contamination, the risk is always there when there is oil in your air compressor. Let’s take a look at a few of the air compressors for breweries that can help you perfect the bottling process.

The Best Oil-Free Air Compressors for Breweries

Hertz Oil-Free Compressors

These high-performance oil-free compressors are an ideal option for breweries and automotive applications. They meet top quality standards in the food and beverage industry, with an ISO 22000 certification, meaning there is zero chance of contamination or operational downtime.

These models are also known for a fast and easy setup, making them intuitive for brewery usage. The variable speed drive allows you to choose the settings that are best for your specific operation.

TamTurbo Oil-Free Compressors

This is another oil-free option, making it an ideal air compressor for breweries. With a zero-percent chance of any sort of contamination, breweries and other food and beverage producers can be confident in the fact that their air compressor cannot contaminate production.

TamTurbo filters help keep energy consumption down for breweries. They offer an energy recovery system that allows 90 percent of the compressor input energy to be used in the production process. Their product is touch-free, meaning maintenance and service free, offering a lower cost of ownership. Learn more about the TamTurbo on their website.


Air compressors for breweries are a necessity in the bottling process. The food and beverage industry benefits from better choices for compressed air than ever before. Oil-free options mean that you never have to worry about your compressed air system contaminating the product.

If you’re looking to determine which air compressor meets your brewery’s needs, contact Compressor Services’ sales team today!

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